Pipes of new generation material РЕ 100–RC for effective laying without sand bed

Pipes of new generation material РЕ 100–RC for effective laying without sand bed

The progress and the elaboration of polyethylene as a material for the production of smooth pressure pipes for water, gas and sewage systems gain a new revolutionary stage with the development of a new polyethylene type РЕ 100-RC (Resistance to Crack).





The unique structure of this material offers the well known features of РЕ 100, and adds:

  • Extremely high resistance against slow crack growth,
  • Resistance to point load test,
  • resistance against inner pressure,

and offers also a lot of advantages like:

  • possibility for laying the РЕ 100-RC pipes without sand bed,
  • trenchless laying and other alternative methods of earth laying.  


Outside diameters and wall thicknesses of the new  pipes made of РЕ 100-RC material are well known for РЕ 100 dimensions according to the relevant standards EN 12201 for water and sewage and EN 1555 for gas.  


 pipes are produced from d 16 up to d 630 mm outside diameter in all SDR series and pressure stages according to the standards.


The increased requirements for design and laying of pipelines regarding the economical effectiveness and decreased expenses, without any negative influence over the quality of the installation itselfs, are one of the main preconditions for the successful forcing of РЕ 100-RC pipes on the Bulgarian market too.  


Current information about this product you can find here.

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